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September MVP - The Look

The crisp fall air has returned, and our offices beckon us to buckle down and get back to business. 

A work-appropriate and totally thrifted look that cost just about $10 from head to toe: it’s possible.You’re looking at it. All it takes is a bit of time, more than a little patience, and an eye for quality. 

The blouse is from Talbots; the skirt is JG Hook; the shoes are Nine West. The necklace was found at a church yard sale! 

You could assemble this outfit at the mall, for about $175. (Assuming the skirt, shoes and blouse are $50 each; and the necklace is $25.)

Or, you could score these items, thrifted, for more than 90% off their original retail prices. 

Whether or not thrifting is a good idea is not the question. Nor is the question whether you look like a million dollars (as you clearly do). The question, instead, is: what wonderful things will you do and amazing adventures will you have, with all your extra money?